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Xcel online survey:Make your opinion count

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Now a days ,research and marketing companies are growing rapidly since companies want to understand customers so marketing companies get various projects in result marketing companies provides various information to product companies.Marketing companies also needs members who can provide genuine opinions on any service or product and in return they provide cash awards,prizes or money.Today,I have brought one big marketing company that provide survey.
This company is Market Xcel Data Matrix Pvt. Ltd and survey name is Xcel-Online Surveys.

Criteria to join this is easy and this is free to join.To join this survey,you should have minimum 13 years old and Indian nationality.

Main benefit of this survey is that you can refer to your family members also to join and you can earn points for that also.You will get paid 10 points for each successful referral.

Xcel-Online Surveys provides points for each successfully completed survey and this point may vary from 5-200 points.Each point is equivalent to Rs1.The minimum threshold to withdraw is Rs 325 that is 325 points.

Drawbacks of this survey company is limited number of surveys per month.Till I find this is good to earn through referral.Start to generate few hundred bugs working 1-2 hours per month.Make your opinion count and get paid,Join here .

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califfatoisis said...
June 22, 2023 at 3:08 PM  

This is aa great post

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