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MyLikes:Pay for Tweet

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MyLikes is a brand new Twitter Ad Network.MyLikes much easier for you to earn money from advertising on Twitter makes, is to figure how big or small, regardless of your number of followers. I understand that other network that I have introduced in the past large numbers of followers where they pay you per tweet. With MyLikes , they pay you per click. And it just click or copy is not some ridiculously low $ .01. They pay a whopping $ 0.5 one-click. Two clicks you can already buy a  burger.
 How to join this program ?

This is absolutely free to join.Here is a step-by-step guide to getting started. It seems like a lot because I broke it in several stages, but the whole set process should take no more than 5-10 minutes:
1) Click here
2) Either click the "Sign Up" in the upper right corner, or if you have a twitter account, then click "Sign in with twitter" (a very fast and easy way to set your account).
Input the necessary information about your account settings(Don't forget to mention your Paypal acount).
That's all. You become influencer and are going to help advertiser.

When do you get paid? 

You will get paid every week once your earning amount reach to small  amount $2 .This is generally paid on Friday.

Currently they are offering free Ipod for new members if you win contest. Don't miss this opportunity.Sign for MyLikes here.

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