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Myhpf:Best Paid Search Engine

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Homepages Friends is a great way for you to earn funds from your own internet searching! You can earn even more if you tell your friends and they raise funds in the same way.

For example, if you refer just 10 friends to use a search box for themselves, they will earn funds from their searches as you do from yours. We share the funds raised 50/50 with you and your friends. What is great is we will pay you some of our 50% from your friends searches in return for you referring them to us! You can refer as many friends, family or colleagues as you want!

It gets even better! As you can imagine, your friends will want to refer their friends, so can you benefit from that? Yes! We will reward you, as in the chart, for three 'levels' of friends. The same will apply to your friends. Everyone wins! Remember, the funds you earn from your friends searches do not come from yours or your friends 50%, but from our 50% in reward for your referrals.

Recommend Homepages Friends to your friends and you can earn even more. When they sign up with us you get 10% of all the revenue we earn from their searches and even more if they pass it on!

The mode of Payment is PayPal and minimum payout is 20pound.Latest buzz about this paid search engine is restriction to pay for search .Till this program is good to earn few hundred bugs.

Easy to earn money just searching your favorite things online.Join here.

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