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PeopleString:New Generation Paid Email Service Provider

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There are many mail service provider like Gmail,Yahoo,Rediff but no one pays money to us but there is a mail service provider that pays for mail reading,filling survey,Shopping,Sign up offer and searching.This is Peoplestring.

Peoplestring is free to join and it will not take more than 1 minute to sign up.There is no demographic boundary to join this program.

How do you get started? Sign Up for your PeopleString account for free and take a short survey. This will position you to share in revenue. PeopleString members get higher payouts when they upgrade to the entrepreneurs package. As long as you are an active member, which means all you need to do is login once a month, you get Paid!!!

Peoplestring provides several ways to earn money online.Few of them are Paid for reading mails,Paid for opinions or survey,Paid for shopping,Paid for Searching,Paid for sign up.Oh, if you refer your friends and family and they make money. You make money! The PeopleString technology creates a digital link for life between users.

Extra features of Peoplestring are -

  • Send Video Mail
  • Configure all messengers Gtalk,Yahoo,MSN,AIM in a single window

So, are you online interacting on social sites, sending emails, clicking on ads? Then why not get paid for what you are doing? So, go ahead and join PeopleString and start making money on the internet. Whether you want to make a few friends, extra money or a second income you can find it all at PeopleString.

The minimum payout for free account is $25 and will be paid once in a month and for special twice in a month.

Don't wait and start earning through PeopleString . Join here.

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