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Free Rs251 - Google Pay Diwali Scanner Offer

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Google Pay Diwali Scanner Offer - Collect 5 stamps and get ₹251 Gift

What you get ?

1. Get an assured ₹251 gift from Google Pay and a Diwali Bonus ticket when you collect all 5 different stamps.
2. The Diwali Bonus ticket is a special lucky draw ticket on Google Pay that could win you ₹1 lakh. It unlocks on 1 Nov 2019, so stay tuned to find out if you’re a winner!
3. Your earned rewards will appear in the rewards channel. trophy
4. You can win a maximum of 1 of each prize.

Steps to follow-

- Collect all 5 different stamps by 31 Oct 2019 11:59pm to win prizes.
- Stamps are given out randomly. You could get any one of the 5 different stamps through the  3  collection methods.
You can collect up to  15  stamps a day, with a limit of 5 stamps per collection method. The more you pay friends and businesses with Google Pay, the more stamps you collect.
- Use Diwali scanner to scan Diya, Flower, Rangoli, Jhumka and Lantern, Google images works fine smile
- Pay 35 or more to collect stamps

Tricks to get Stamp

Pay credit card bill using cred and pay via GPay. I paid 35×5 today and received 2 flowers and 1 rangoli. Add Rs. 35×5 to your PayTm account using UPI and pay via GPay.

Images to be scanned

Please find below 5images to be scanned

[HOT] Trick to get Flower and Rangoli Stamp

  • Tap on New Button at Google Pay home screen.
  • Search For DTH under Bill Payment. Choose any DTH but prefer to Tata Sky as minimum recharge amount is R35.
  • Tap On Get Started Button and Enter Given TATA SKY DTH Number. : Use Your Own TATA Sky DTH Number If You Don’t Have Tata Sky Number Then You Can ask your relatives or friends.
  • Enter Amount as Rs.35 and Pay Using your Google Pay.
  • On Successful Payment You will Get Flower or Rangoli Stamp Instantly.

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[PC GAME] Get Rockstar Games GTA San Andreas free

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Get Rockstar Games GTA San Andreas free

Do you enjoy playing games? Do you love Rockstar Games? This is for you and though Rockstar Games are mostly commercial but this is absolutely free.You are reading correctly FREE!!!!

Rockstar Games has released its own PC launcher just in case you don't have too many on your computer already. Currently, you can purchase several PC versions of Grand Theft Auto Games. This time, however, those who download it will get one of the best games in the Grand Theft Auto series absolutely free.

The Rockstar Games PC Launcher is available to download for Windows. Installing the PC launcher also adds a digital copy of GTA: San Andreas to the library for free.

Users need a Rockstar Games Social Club account to get started. The launcher supports several games from Rockstar.

Download now and get a bonus FREE copy of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on PC for a limited time. Link to download - https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/rockstar-games-launcher

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