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Earn PI - The First Crypto Currency You Can Mine On Your Phone

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PI is a new cryptocurrency being developed by a gaggle of Stanford PhDs. This app is in Beta, thus I'm attempting it out. This is currently offering to mine PI free of cost so definitely there's no risk to undertake. For a limited time, you can join the beta to earn Pi and facilitate grow the network. To join Pi, follow this link https://minepi.com/freeonly and use my username (freeonly) as your invitation code.

What is Pi Network?

Pi is a mobile-first cryptocurrency and smart contracts platform that is secured / owned and operated by everyday people. To achieve this goal, we are giving everyone convenient access to the most proven and compelling cryptocurrency application to date:mining (earning cryptocurrency rewards for helping to secure a distributed ledger). More specifically, we aim to empower more people to help validate transactions and earn cryptocurrency rewards from the convenience of their mobile phones.

Why would I want to mine cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are an important evolution in money, with two key advantages over traditional (fiat) currencies.

1. Fiat currencies are subject to obstruction and seizure from governments and corporations. Cryptocurrencies are ruled by transparent and auditable code. Currencies like Bitcoin give you much more control over your money.

2. Cryptocurrencies use distributed ledgers to maintain a record of transactions. All validators that help secure the ledger earn fees from the network. Cryptocurrencies allow a wider community to capture a share of the value created.

Why would I want to mine Pi?

Despite the benefits of cryptocurrency, acquiring cryptocurrency today requires risky upfront investment. Pi allows you to earn free cryptocurrency immediately without any risk. Just tap your phone.

What is the value of Pi?

Pi is building the world’s most inclusive peer-to-peer marketplace. Pi’s value will be backed by the time, attention, goods and services that you will be able to buy from other members of the Pi Network. Today, we are laying the infrastructure for this digital currency and the marketplace by building the Pi Trust Graph (see more on the trust graph in our White paper) and distributing the currency. During this phase of development, Pi’s value is the same as the value of Bitcoin in 2008.

How am I mining on my phone without draining my battery?

Instead of burning energy, Pi secures its ledger when members vouch for each other as trustworthy. This forms a network of interlocking “security circles” that determines who can execute transactions. This novel approach allows crypto mining on your phone by leveraging your existing social connections, with no financial cost, no battery drain and a light footprint on the planet. Read the technical section in our White paper for more accurate and detailed explanation.

What is Pros and cons of PI Network?


1. There's literally nothing to worry as it's investment free.
2. You'll shut the app and therefore the mining can still continue. You simply have to be compelled to check the app and activate mining once each day or each twenty four hours.


1. The pi network is new therefore the worth isn't available.
2. The pi value is not yet tradable.

PI cryptocurrency - Earn via mining

How to get the APP?

- simply visit Google Playstore to download the app otherwise you can download via  minepi.com
- Once done downloading the app, you will be able to sign up for an account. It would soon ask for who invited you to the platform, simply put  "freeonly".
- When installation is done. Take a glance at the platform. It's user friendly and really easy to use.

It's invite only for now. So build a group of trusted members to earn maximum PI and secure high mining. Dont forget to apply my invite code (freeonly).

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Giveaway 100% Working Flipkart Flash Sale Redmi Phone and MI TV Auto Buy Software

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Flipkart Flash Sale Auto Buy Software Birth Story
After thousand of request and complain from reader and genuine customer, we have developed 100% working  Flipkart Flash Sale Redmi Phone and MI TV Auto Buy Software.

About Flipkart Flash Sale Auto Buy Software -  

This is the first 100% automated software. This software is developed by group of industry top engineers and tested multiple times with laptops having average configuration and decent broadband speed but result is always impressive. This is developed in highly secured programming language Java.

Feature of  Flipkart Flash Sale Auto Buy Software -

  • Software auto login to Flipkart account (Input from local file)
  • Go to product page automatically (Input from local file)
  • Keep refreshing the product page until Add to Cart button appears
  • Auto click to add to cart button
  • Auto address selection
  • Auto card detail is filled (Input from local file)
Prerequisite to run Flipkart Flash Sale Auto Buy -
  • Windows Machine
  • Chrome Browser
  • JDK1.8 or JRE1.8
Flipkart Flash Sale Auto Buy Software Limit -
This software is currently the best available software in the market and can compare with other. Performance is par better and completes order within 8seconds. This works only on windows machine and in chrome browser.

Have a look this video uploaded by a software user. This is free version. Commercial version has a lot of features like buy any product, use multiple FK account and card details etc.

We are currently running promotion campaign in which reader will get this commercial software free of cost. How can you win this commercial software free of cost?
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