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Hits4Pay:Highest paying Paid to read(PTR) program

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Do you want to get paid for reading mails?If Yes,This program is perfect for you.This is one of the highest paying paid to read mail program(PTR) or Paid to Click(PTC) program.This is Hits4pay.

Hits4pay is an Internet advertising company sharing it's advertising revenue with it's members. We have advertisers all over the world who are willing to pay you for reading their promotional emails and visiting their websites. Join for a free account today and receive $10 reward right from the start.

You get paid $0.02 for reading our advertiser's messages sent to you, and for visiting their websites. You also will be paid $0.01 per email that your referrals read!To get paid for each email, you must click on the link or button at the bottom of each advertisement sent to you, and visit the advertiser's website for at least 30 seconds!You will only receive paid emails to your Hits4Pay internal mailbox.

Your Hits4Pay commissions are paid via PayPal, not by check! In order to receive payment, members must submit a valid W-9 (1099) tax form, have their PayPal address on file, and reach the minimum balance of $25.00! If these requirements are all met by the 1st of the following month, your account's balance will be cleared, or "zeroed out". Your payment will then be issued via PayPal on or around the 15th of the month!

Till you have not joined this highest paying Paid to read ,Join now and get $10 free in your account.Join Hits4Pay.

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