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How to change background colour of post text in blogger?

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Currently I have decided to write some thing different than my usual money making programs.It is compulsory for a blogger to have a well design blog .But to design a good blog,it is complex work and you have to work hard to update it regularly to get good traffic.Good traffic comes through good content and good presentation.

Blogger has not many provision so you need to have sound technical knowledge.Few months back,I was also not knowing exactly how to change background colour of text in my post but I checked html code and found proper place to change my background colour.

Most of design issue will resolve ig you know basic HTML and XML .

Here I will make you aware how to change background colour of your blog post.This is just simple.

  • Login to your blog account
  • Click to Create or Edit Posts
  • Write your content post in compose mode
  • Switch after writing to Edit HTML mode
  • Find your contents to change background colour
  • Find <span> before your contents and </span> after your contents
  • Add this inside your first(starting span)<span style=" background-" >
  • To check,switch to Compose mode.That's it.
background-color can be represented in 3 ways-
  • Colour name
  • Colour hexacode(Example-#ffffff for white)
  • rgb(255,255 ,255 )
In place of "your colour",write your colour in any three ways.


Onlinework4all-A place to learn and earn online easily.

is converted to have blue background

Onlinework4all-A place to learn and earn online easily.

This is the code for above change-

<span style="background-color: rgb(0, 51, 102);">Onlinework4all-A place to learn and earn online easily.</span>

If you face problem,contact me.I will resolve your issue.

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