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The reference to entity "blog" must end with the ';' delimiter.

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" To err is human."

I hope everyone understands meaning of this famous phrase.It means that as a human, we are prone to making mistakes every once-in-a-while, and that each one should learn to forgive those mistakes.Blogger,a word that is common in this tech world.He/She understands how many times a day ,he/she commit a mistake.Even it is simple and easy to resolve but not able to resolve.

When I started blogging......I was also getting a common error regularly but also got solution.

Every blogger get this error "The reference to entity "blog" must end with the ';' delimiter." in his /her life at least once.

Easy solution of above error is --Check your XML or HTML code and find where & symbol is there,once you find it,means you get victory.

What you have to do,just remove & with & .So simple.This is neat and clean coding standard since in HTML,XML represent & with & .

Click image to get zoom mode to know where and how to change.

Till you find any error,let me know I will try to resolve.If you are satisfied with my answer..... subscribe our newsletter.

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