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Paid for Movie review- thats-what-i-think

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After a long break I got enough time to write a post for my beloved readers.This is also a paid program like my old post but this is somehow different.Have you ever wondered how the Television, Radio, Movie and Music industries decide what people want to see and hear?They ask people for their opinions! But have they ever asked for your opinion? Well, now they are!Moreover,you are going to get various awards or prizes for your opinions.Are you excited to know about this program?This is thats-what-i-think.

What can you do via thats-what-i-think?
You can express your opinions about what you see on TV and Movie screens and hear on the radio. You will have a chance to see and hear new releases before they're made public and help decide if they are up to your standards. We gather your opinions and pass them directly to the decision-makers in the entertainment industry!

What will you get in return?
You can earn points for your opinions. "Opinion Points" are redeemable for great prizes, including gift certificates from Amazon.com. You can even use your points to make donations to your favorite charity!The minimum points to redeem your gift is only 500 points.

Who can join this program?
The person who is from Australia and age is over 13years can join this program.

Are you from Australia?Have you joined this program?Do you want to make your opinions heard in million,join now and get 500 points bonus for sign up.Sign up here.

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