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Time for Crunchies awards Nomination

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This post is quite different than my other post.This is time for recognition.I request you all readers to nominate me for Crunchies awards.

What have you to do ? You need to click this badge .A new window will open.Go to Best New StartUp of 2009 category.Enter onlinework4all.com then click nominate button.That's all.

I request you to send this link to your friend also to nominate this blog website for crunchies awards.

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softech said...
December 24, 2009 at 2:36 PM  

I am looking forward to have this course and will let you know if I can find a job working at home here in Canada. I wish I can because I am jobless for more than 3 years now. Finding a job here in Canada is hard especially if your diploma was earned outside Canada because the standard of education is different. I am hoping to get this study course soon and land a job.
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