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Google Adwords Voucher for sale

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This post is mainly for those people who wants to advertise their product online or services .Are you seeking for good traffic to your website?Are you looking for increase in sale? If yes,then you have option to get the cheapest Google adwords voucher from me.Google most prolific media to increase sale or get good traffic.

Currently I am selling Google Adwords voucher worth Rs 2500 ($53 USA).The voucher is valid till 28 February,2010 but voucher value will drop to Rs 1500($33) after 21st January.

I will sell the Google Adwords  who bids highest before 15th January.

Rule to bid for this voucher is simple.Write your bid amount in dollar ($) in comments.Bidders mention his/her mail id so that he/ she can be contacted .The person who bids highest till 1 AM,15th january will get this voucher.The highest bidder should pay amount to my Paypal account (rrkjaiswal1983 (at) gmail (dot) com) within 24hours the winning period otherwise second highest bidder wins the voucher.This process will end once I get payment.

Happy Bidding

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