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DigitalBhoomi:Pay For Posting Ad

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World is getting hotter & unpeaceful and people are getting dishonest as a result there is no peace anywhere.I always try to avoid such news otherwise this will make me crazy.I want to motivate myself  to do well for society and nation.Leave aside this daily stuff.Have you thought to get paid for ad posting in forum,referring friends and participate in contests?Are you aware such a program?If you know, just comment here so that I will post here.Meanwhile I am going to tell you about such a program that Digitalbhoomi(please mention referral username - karunanidhi).

How to join?This is free to join and open for all national.You can visit Digitalbhoomi(please mention referral username - karunanidhi) to join.

What is payment structure?Once you join to this forum,you will instant awarded with 100 points.4 points are awarded for your post and 6 points for your referral.If your referred member writes at least 3 quality posts, you will get 30 more points. So, you can get 40 points max for each referral. Each point is worth Rs.50.This means once you accumulate 200 points,you can redeem Rs100.

Currently they are running many contests for new members.You can win prizes upto Rs30000 so join Digitalbhoomi(please mention referral username - karunanidhi) now.

Join me in Digital Bhoomi

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