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Instant mobile recharge while you surf your favorite sites

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You would love to get the free recharge of your prepaid mobile phone, aren’t you? A free movie ticket would be even better. Now you can get these by simply registering to Amulyam. Amulyam actually pays the end user instant rewards in terms of quick pre-paid recharge (on all major mobile carriers) and Movie tickets, when they register/buy stuff on any of Amulyam’s affiliated websites. Check out  Amulyam that gives free prepaid mobile recharge for nine Indian telecoms operators and free movie tickets for completing offers on it’s sponsor’s websites.

You need to register with your mobile number and email ID to verify your account and once the account is activated you just refer your friends or do any of the following to add balance to your wallet.

It gives you multiple ways to “fill your wallet” and redeem it later for a recharge or a ticket. You can upload a funny SMS to earn  recharge points, or you can earn referral. Incentives by registering to the premium membership of clients’ sites or using them for any transactions like buying tickets, booking hotels, or shopping gifts and goodies online.

Inviting friends to amulyam gives it’s users 20% commission of what their friends make when they join and complete the fist offer. It helps amulyam users to get more free prepaid mobile recharge or movie tickets even when their friends register on websites, buys train tickets or flight tickets etc.

Using amulyam’s the smartest instant incentive model, advertisers get the sales or registrations that they need and users can instantly get the benefit in the form of free prepaid mobile recharge or movie tickets. Spending few minutes on amulyam before registering or purchasing something from any website looks worth for consumer’s time and effort.

You can join Amulyam free of cost here.

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